Empowering a Productive
and Secure Remote Workforce

The workplace as we know it is changing. The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has only accelerated the surge of businesses transitioning to a remote workforce, especially since social distancing is one of the most effective means of preventing the virus from spreading. The modern partner must evolve with a rapidly changing market landscape and help their clients adapt. Now is the time to support your clients with their remote workforce program and strategy.


On-Demand Webinar: How to Optimize Your Clients’ Remote Workforce

Learn the best solutions for a remote workforce.

What does the recent surge in employees working remotely mean for partners? How can you leverage Microsoft Teams and other purpose-built solutions to enable a growing remote workforce? What should clients do to keep their data secure as employees remotely access the corporate network?

The Wingman Guide to Remote Work

Help make working remote really work.

This guide covers how to use purpose-built technology solutions to keep remote workers productive and secure, as well as white-labeled email templates to help you advance the conversation around remote work.

Pax8 Professional Services Remote Worker Bundle 

Your Wingman will help you set up an ideal remote working environment for your clients.

If your clients are moving to remote work, then you need to make sure they’re properly trained and have all the necessary features and functions within their collaboration tools. To help you ensure that all of your clients are fully equipped and trained to productively and securely work remote, we’ve created complimentary Admin and End User Teams training videos and cost-effective Remote Work Professional Services Bundles starting at $99.

Technology Solutions for a Remote Workforce

Get to know the Pax8 solutions for working remote.

Take a deep dive into Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Evolve IP to learn how you can use them to support your clients and empower a productive and secure remote workforce.

Remote Work Checklist

How remote workers can stay healthy and productive when working remote.

Working remotely has a lot of benefits that can make your clients’ employees even more productive, but there are several best practices to help ensure the business effectively operates and employees stay connected remotely.


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